The Weekly Download –August 12, 2016, Eden Spodek outside looking at her iPhoneAnother week, another bunch of crazy talk coming out of the U.S. election campaign. I’m staying out of it this time around. “Any publicity is good publicity” as the saying goes and I don’t want to be complicit in creating more of a trainwreck. So a big shout out to Sharon and Melissa on the ES Inc. team who helped with suggestions for this post.

On a positive personal note, as of today, the house is full again and we have a couple weeks to enjoy each other’s company until both kids go off to university in September. So, if you have any tips on moving to the “empty nest” stage, please share them in the comments. Of course, Maggie my fur baby will be staying put, which means she’ll be lying right beside me while I write this column every week.

#SaveTwitter! Twitter isn’t going anywhere

Perhaps you saw the trending #SaveTwitter hashtag and started freaking out… or not. Take a deep breath and rest assured Twitter is staying put. The whole thing was a hoax crafted by controversial YouTuber and noted Twitter hoaxer, @BradTheLadLong and @CameronGlassSP, a freelance journalist, his partner in crime. The two caused such a stir #SaveTwitter was trending worldwide at a rate of 2,000 tweets an hour. Get a life guys!

LinkedIn Joins the Native Video Bandwagon

If you read any predictions about 2016 social media trends, live video was on the list and usually right at the top. It certainly has come true and is no longer solely the domain of dedicated livestreaming apps. This week, LinkedIn launched their own version – a standalone iOS app – LinkedIn Record. You can use the app to record 30-second responses to topics curated by LinkedIn’s editorial team or start a new one. Once a clip is recorded it can be shared with that commenters’ followers. After you watch one video, you’ll be shown other related clips by other influencers on the same topic. LinkedIn Record is currently available only to LinkedIn’s 500 influencers with speculation it may be expanded to more people. Have you used LinkedIn Record yet? Tell us about your experience in the comments.

HuffPo’s Namesake Thrives

Huffington Post is losing its namesake, yet co-founder Ariana Huffington continues to thrive… Thrive Global, that is. Big news as Arianna Huffington, president and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post Media Group announced she’s resigning from HuffPo (owned by Verizon since last year), to start up new health and wellness company, Thrive Global. According to Huffington, the new company will focus on “helping individuals and companies around the world reduce stress and burnout and improve their health and productivity.” To learn more about her new venture, you can visit her Facebook Page.

Friday Fun

Last week I shared my sentiments about the Olympic Games. While I’m somewhat cynical about the organization and politics, I do respect the athletes. There’s no denying the most successful Olympian and swimmer, Michael Phelps has extraordinary talent. While the IOC has been discouraging people from using their hashtags, GIFs and more, it hasn’t stopped the fans from celebrating the highs and lows of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games online or latching on to a meme. So, when Phelps was photographed with an unflattering expression, the world noticed and tried to figure out what he was thinking. Et voilà, #PhelpsFace was born! (Click on NBC’s tweet below to see a meme stream.) What do you think was on his mind? Add your suggestion in the comments.

Ever Wonder How Squirrels See the World?
YouTuber Viva Frei aka Montréal-based lawyer David Freiheit had one of his videos featured on Why? He was shooting a video outside when a squirrel picked up Freiheit’s GoPro and climbed up a tree. Fortunately, the GoPro was recovered and working once the squirrel had enough and dropped the camera. Let’s see if you can avert your eyes from this unusual two-minute treat.

Ada’s Sisters – Episode 43: Captain Marvel, TTC Harassment app, Parkdale WiFi and Instagram Stories

I’ve got another new episode for you today. Next week, Ada’s Sisters will be one-year-old. Time flies. Did you know Toronto’s Parkdale neighbourhood now has free wi-fi blasting out there for anyone to use as part of a pilot project that may sparks a city-wide initiative?
And who knew the ice-bucket challenge could actually amount to anything? I did, but Angela was somewhat cynical. Turns out the $100 million dollars raised by celebrities and regular people challenging each other led to some exciting breakthroughs in ALS research.
Aren’t you loving the support Brie Larson is getting for her new role as Captain Marvel? What a contrast after the opposite treatment of Leslie Jones and the rest of the Ghostbusters cast.
But it’s not all sunshine and lollipops at Ada’s Sisters this week … have a listen and share your thoughts about the TTC app for harassment on the rails, and two trolls who experienced some serious backlash for their horrible posts. Listen up! And, if you like it, please review Ada’s Sisters on iTunes.